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During World War II, this facility was closely guarded because its sabotage would have impaired troop movement on the Eastern Seaboard.Each of the four clock faces is made from opalescent glass (now often called opal glass or milk glass), though urban legend has it that the faces are made of opal and that Sotheby's and Christie's have estimated their value to be between million and million.Numeral "12" partially cut away to make room for the alarm dial.

The East Side Access project is underway to bring Long Island Rail Road service to the terminal.The exact location of M42 is a closely guarded secret and does not appear on maps, though it has been shown on the History Channel program Cities of the Underworld and a National Geographic special.Two of the original rotary converters were not removed in the late 20th century when solid-state ones took over their job, and they remain as a historical record.The Big Ben alarm clock was first sold in 1909 and has evolved through many case style and movement changes.There were 10 "mainstream" case styles of Big Bens, and additional case styles that have names instead of numbers. There are several other case styles of electric Big Ben.

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